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Verschillende PhD posities

As part of an EU Horizon2020 International Training Network consortium grant, we have 15 PhD positions to be filled across different locations in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Italy, and Denmark (for details, see www.optivist.eu). 

The project is designed to improve our ability to test the functional vision and ability of individuals with vision impairment. It sounds specific, but there are some great opportunities for human movement scientists, psychologists, and/or people with experience in the measurement of gaze and/or vision. For instance, one project will be based in Germany with the International Paralympic Committee working within their Classification department and improving the quality of testing for the classification of paralympic athletes (https://www.paralympic.org/news/eu-funded-project-creates-opportunity-phd-student-join-ipc). Another project at VU will use mobile eye tracking to examine gaze in activities of daily living. There are a few other projects that will work with gaze measurements, and others with virtual reality.

Because of the nature of the grant program, successful applicants must move from one country to another when accepting a position. This means that the successful applicants for the positions in the Netherlands cannot have been living in the Netherlands over the past few years. For a Dutch graduate, the opportunities in Germany are particularly close by. 

Applications are due February 28th. Anyone with questions should feel free to contact Eli Brenner (eli.brenner@vu.nl) or David Mann (d.mann@vu.nl).