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Who are we?

In 1971 the Interfaculty of Physical Education was established. On October 18, 1974, students of the Interfaculty convened a meeting in which it was decided to found the Student Organization of Physical Education (S.O.L.O.). The name "Interfaculty of Physical Education" caused misunderstandings about the type of training and study, so, in 1987, it was decided that the name was changed to Faculty of Human Movement Sciences. As the name S.O.L.O. had too many connections with the old name of the faculty, it was decided in 1988/1989 to change that name to Vereniging In Beweging (V.I.B.).

The V.I.B. has an Executive Board of five people, eleven permanent committees, three to four temporary committees and about 650 members. Therefore, it can be said that the V.I.B. is a thriving association. With more than fifty activities every year, the committees offer the most varied and interesting activities possible. Educational activities, drinks, parties, sports tournaments, the Gala, a ski trip, a Family Day and a Friends-from-home Day; enough to not only guide the students of Human Movement Sciences in their studies, but also to contribute to an unforgettable student life.

The V.I.B. has its own room where the Daily Board is present most of the time. This room offers members to have a chat or relax on one of the sofas. The VIB room, room D-048, can be found on the ground floor of the Medical Faculty. We are open every working day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. However, outside these times we may still be working and you will still be welcomed for a coffee or a tea. More information about the Daily Board, the various committees and the activities can be found on this website. If you would you like to know more about the V.I.B., or if you have any questions, comments, problems, ideas or critical notes? Feel free to visit the VIB-room or send an email to vib.fgb@vu.nl! 

Wachtwoord vergeten?

Wachtwoord vergeten?