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To make it possible for students Human Movement Sciences to orientate in career possibilities, the V.I.B. organizes a career event in collaboration with the faculty. Under normal circumstances, the career event is a Career-day.

During the Career-day, students have the opportunity to visit presentations and workshops of interesting companies. After the workshops everybody is welcomed at a market, where companies can answer your questions. This market is a perfect opportunity to start building a network.


Unfortunately, the career-day could not take place the way we wished last year. However, the organization replaced the canceled event with a Career-week. During the career-week, companies could submit videos and texts about the expertise of the company. Also, during the week, multiple workshops were given via Zoom.

Ultimately, the online Career-week was very successful. However, we hope to be organizing the original Career-day again. This way, everybody has the opportunity to start building a network.

Wachtwoord vergeten?

Wachtwoord vergeten?