Education Prizes




This year the Education Prizes for the faculty have gotten a makeover! For the academic year 2018-2019 there are three prizes:

  • Student Talent

To reward students who do extraordinary things

  • TeacherTalent

To reward teachers who do extraordinary things

  • Faculty Education Prize – new!

To reward special effort to anyone who does extraordinary things within the education process

Also new this year is the jury who will select the winners based on reviews, evaluations and the votes of the faculty’s students and employees. The jury consists of four students and three employees: representatives from the FSR, VIB and VSPVU and the studentassessor; and an employee from psychology, pedagogy and movement sciences. Members from the jury cannot be nominated for any prize.

The jury for academic year 2018-2019 is:

  • Han Houdijk
  • Leonore de Wit
  • Femke van de Wilt
  • Nadine Logt – FSR
  • Dascha Verhagen – VSPVU
  • Tim de Boer – VIB
  • Roland Felt – Studentassessor

The timeline is:

8 april – 19 april – Nominations

29 april – 10 may – Voting

Near the end of may – Jury selects winners


Also, we are preparing the prize question for the Student Initiative Prize of 2019-2020, for which your input is greatly appreciated! This, and room for general feedback will be at the end of the form when you nominate someone for a prize.


This prize is meant for teachers who go the extra mile and deserve some time in the spotlight! The faculty TeacherTalent award will have two winners: someone who fits the criteria for the VU Central TeacherTalent Award and someone who does not. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about criteria but just nominate a teacher who you think deserves to win an award!


– Does not teach longer than five years at the VU

– Looks beyond teaching. Invests (for example) extra time in the development of students.

Student Talent

This prize is meant to reward students who excel not (necessarily) in studying alone, but shine in other area’s as well. This can be sports, volunteering, a contribution to society or anything else that is nothing short of impressive! Any student who fits the below criteria can be nominated. The faculty StudenTalent will have two winners: someone who is in his/hers last year of bachelor/master and someone who is not in his/hers last year. The winner who is in his/her last year will also be the faculty nominee for the VU central prize.


– Grade average 7.0 or higher

– Excels in an extracurricular activity or;

– Contributes to society in a meaningful way or;

– Contributes in some other meaningful way (as long as you can exemplify!)

Faculty Education Price

This prize is all about rewarding the effort of employees who may not spend that much time in the classroom (anymore) but contribute to and improve the process of education in myriad other ways. Anyone who is involved in the process of educating in the broad sense and made a special contribution is eligible for this prize. This can be anyone at any level going the extra mile by (for example) investing extra time and effort into streamlining and renewing existing process or introducing innovative ideas to improve the study/workplace at the FGB.

This prize is specifically NOT rewarding effort in class (they can be nominated for the TeacherTalent award).


– Special contribution to faculty in the area of education

– Transcends course content/delivery