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CoMa Eindactiviteit

CoMa Eindactiviteit
Georganiseerd doorCoMa
Datumwoensdag 16 juni 2021

Looking for a fun way to end this special academic year? Join our final activity of the year on Wednesday, June 16th! We will start the afternoon with a game of beach volleyball, and end with pizza and a drink!

This activity will take place at the VU, starting from 15:45. We will gather at the volleyball courts on the university campus. The fun activity will only be €5,36 and you can register via the button above. If you are not a VIB-member, you can create a free account here, and after that you can register via the button above. Here you will also find a link to pay for your ticket. You can choose your delicious pizza flavor in the form and indicate if there are people in particular you want to be in a volleyball team with, but this is not mandatory. We will ensure that you end up in a great team. We hope to see you there!