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Georganiseerd doorCoMa
LocatieAmsterdam East
Datumdinsdag 18 januari 2022

Happy new year dear VIB'ers, HMS and MPS students!!

To kick off the year 2022, we would like to introduce our next event: the VIB-Glühwalk. This will take place on tuesday the 18th of January. It’s as simple as the name sounds, from 15:30 till 17:30 you walk, you talk and you drink some glühwein, or other beverages of course. You can also enjoy some food, like the famous Dutch oliebollen!

The route will take you through one of the nicest parts of Amsterdam, namely the east part. The starting location will be later on determined. It will pass several architectonical landmarks and other locations. We will give you some envelopes with information and directions for the route and we will be waiting alongside the route with refreshments for you to take with you! Of course you can also deviate from the route if you would like to take another route. No registration fee or anything like that, just a nice and relaxed start of the year! 

Nothing obligatory, but it would be nice if you fill out this form to make sure we have enough refreshments for all participants, also handy for us to send you the route ;)

In summary:
WHAT: Glühwalk
WHERE: Amsterdam East, start location to be determined
WHEN: Tuesday the 18th of January (from 15:30 till 17:30)

Dark blue kisses,
the CoMa